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A Reliable partner you can Trust

Looking For Something Else? Search Here

A Reliable partner you can Trust

Is Gradius IT Solutions The Co-Managed IT Company to offer Enterprise Level IT Consulting Services services in Tri-State Area and throughout Northern New Jersey?

In short, we would love to identify as the best. However; it’s unreasonable to conclude that we are The Best IT Consulting Firm in general- primarily because it’s vague. The number of service providers in the Technology Services market is large. Additionally the variety of clients and specific client requirements in the marketplace is also large. Each client has specific business requirements and different needs. Some business requirements might seek lower pricing, and others favor the best of the best service provider in the market (for them, price is no factor).

Our Core Values- What you should Expect from your Service Provider.

We always strive to operate based on honest values- and we also strive to operate and grow based on positive feedback and happy clients- who continue to use our services. Some clients have different needs, and not every client is a good fit for every service provider. We think we have very reasonable prices for the level of service that we provide, and we always maintain the ability to scale our service offerings according to client demands. Some executives and business owners are purely profit-driven capitalists (but we are not). In the case of our core values, our board members and principles are not greed-driven. We do like to maintain an operational business, make some profit but we also love helping other businesses resolve challenges and enabling them to grow.
A Trustworthy Computer Support Company

The Large Number of IT Consulting Firms and Service Providers in the Marketplace

With the number of IT Consulting Firms in the industry- it’s hard to say that we are The Best IT Consulting Service Company for your Technology Services. We are, however; a reliable, responsible, skilled and technically savvy group of professionals, and we can get the job done. We focus on delivering an effective service by offering a unique total value proposition across the board. This is why many businesses in Northern New Jersey rely on us and our services.

We’re a Trustworthy Organization.

You can definitely trust Gradius IT Solutions to provide a reliable service. We are a local branch, part of a larger national service provider. Our Technology Management Services always meet compliance regulations and standards, as needed. Our partnerships with Microsoft, Google and many other enterprise level organizations are a testament to the level of dedication our team has to our service delivery and effectiveness.

Our Tech Team

Our Team consists of approximately 10 internal members. Collectively, we have expertise in a wide range of different technology systems and we cover everything IT. We deal with Windows and Linux, as well as several varieties of Unix-based operating systems. Additionally, we have expertise in many IT Consulting Services, as well as a variety of cloud platforms. Our certifications include many Microsoft and Google Certifications. Our tech team is highly unique, and they work great together.

We may not conclude that we are the best, but we honestly think you’ll be hard-pressed to find the variety of combined experiences and skill-sets (within a team of techs) which operates at the level of efficiency and effectiveness on par with the output of our internal team. This makes a quality solution for our clients, just like we see in our office today. We invite you to contact us and experience the difference that we bring to the community, by selecting our business to become your IT Consulting Service Provider.

Gradius IT Solutions

Our Established Company Culture and Environment.

Some companies have technicians. Some tech companies treat their techs like a number on a piece of paper or another brick in the wall. When we built our team, we went above and beyond this basic approach. All of our team members work well with one-another. This functional team-cooperation has taken years to build and establish. As much as we’re a group of talented computer techs, our team members are not treated as “another brick in the wall” or a computer on a network- we’re human. As far as company culture, our tech team is highly unique, AND they actually work great together, they have a lot of complimentary values and they fit together like pieces of a puzzle (and this produces a positive output for the end client which equals value).
On account of these positive characteristics, we can honestly say that we do believe our company-culture is superior to many of our competitors. We know this because we started as a smaller scale business, and we know what it takes to grow from a two person or three person tech-shop into a larger and more operationally mature business. A larger business where each person has specific roles and a more refined business process, like an assembly-line. When you rely on our tech team to deliver your IT Consulting Services, we are convinced you’ll see the difference between our organization and the competition. We invite you to explore the value.
Network Services for Businesses

The Total Unique Value our Tech Team Brings To Your Business.

If you give us a chance to show you the difference in value- we’re honestly convinced that you’ll be amazed with the unique output of an effective business model, in combination with the value system we’ve created and established with internal company culture and working environment. Our production-oriented workplace mentality (within our working environment) enables our Tech-Team to deliver value to your business (just like we do for our existing clients). We invite you to explore true value by contacting us with your technical support inquiry.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are Enterprise Grade: Gradius IT Solutions is essentially an enterprise-level business. We run and operate in the same fashion as any other enterprise-level business. We have internal employees, processes, standard operating procedures and client satisfaction requirements.
Manpower = Specialized Services: You can trust Gradius IT Solutions with your enterprise-level IT support because we have the staff to support enterprise-level organizations with the appropriate support, adequate customer service, and flexibility to accommodate change in client demands.
An established Business Model: Our business model is unique. We have a sophisticated service delivery model, pricing models that enable our business to maintain operational stability, but not hurt client organizations. Our internal service dispatch processes and customer satisfaction requirements are detail-oriented..
Gradius IT Solutions is a smaller local company, but directly attached to the parent company Race Computer Services Gradius IT Solutions is also affiliated with several other IT support organizations, such as Pop Quiz Computers as well as others.
When evaluated independently, Tri-State Area Tech support is a smaller operation, but when evaluated from a capability point of view, Gradius IT Solutions retains the service level of a national service provider with a dedicated service desk, dispatching capabilities, extensive onsite support, and customer support services on par with any national IT services firm.
Most IT service providers have limitations with service delivery capability. In one-man or two-man tech shops, service delivery for corporate businesses with a large degree of IT Support needs may find a local service provider less than adequate. Gradius IT Solutions resolves these service delivery limitations with a full team and scalable service offerings.
Our tech team collectively has more than 150 years of combined experience, and their skill sets encompass every area of small business and enterprise-grade IT support services.
Gradius IT Solutions typically supports client businesses generating 2 million dollars per year or more in revenue, with respectable profit margins. While we don’t provide specific minimums for new clients, we feel that our services would provide an advantage for most small businesses, but businesses with 2 million in revenue or more may experience an additional value for our services. We prefer to work with clients we can help. This enables us to develop a long term relationship with our clients, and it helps us keep a win-win relationship with our clients. We help them, and they help us!
We don’t always require a monthly service plan for all of our services, however, most businesses do need ongoing support service related to IT. Many small business owners are not aware of the need for technology maintenance and proactive services. Sometimes it’s because businesses are operating on very thin margins.

Technology systems are complex, and businesses are also complex. We need to utilize as much information in business and technology to create a happy medium between price and value. This is the secret mix that enables us to grow our business, AND support your business effectively and reliably.

In order for us to develop enough revenue to support our business and grow our business, we do need clients who value IT. Additionally, we need to make sure that our clients have the ability to grow and scale their businesses. This puts our business in a place where we can grow with our clients.
Client Testimonials

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Our IT Support Team

Client Feedback

Robert Joyce

CEO/ Engineer

We hired Gradius Solutions early this year to assist with our Cloud transformation and also network/cyber-security setup and training. Rob did an excellent job working with our inhouse IT and management to move us safely and securly into the digital space.

Chris H

I have known Rob for the 10 years that I have been in the Staffing/ Recruiting industry. Rob’s firm has always helped out when coming in to service clients of ours on both short-term and long-term solutions. Additionally, our Agency has also utilized Gradius Solutions to implement technology strategies internally here as well. The organization is very professional, helpful, and overall outstanding in providing a variety of technology services. 10/10 would always recommend Gradius!

Daniel P

We use Gradius Tech for managing our Server Infrastructure and email security. Rob the owner is very professional and responsive to our requirements. We are very happy with his services and would strongly recommend GradiusTech to anyone out there looking for IT Services.

Sanjay S

Robert is very responsive and really cares about IT and helping you grow your company!

Klas H

Have worked with Rob for a while now, would highly recommend!

Joshua S

Robert Joyce

Robert Joyce

CEO/ Engineer